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Strolling Champagne Dress

Strolling Champagne Dresses and Hoop Skirts will greet your guests with a beautiful smile and a glass of bubbly.

They can be customized to hold other items as well, such as cupcakes or appetizers.

Our Champagne dresses can also include your branding for any event.

Our Strolling Champagne Dresses
are smooth and elegant.

See our Strolling Champagne Dresses in action on our YouTube page


Mini Strolling Table

If space is limited we also have

A Mini Strolling Table and Champagne Dress


Mini Strolling Champagne Dress

White and Gold Angel strolling champagne dress Candy Themed Strolling Champagne Dress Gold with Black accents Strolling Champagne Hoop Dress
strolling champagne dress winter wonderland cupcake Great Gatsy Strolling champagne dress strolling champagne dress skirt

Cheetah print gold and burgundy strolling champagne dress hoop

Gold and white strolling champagne dress
Silver and Black Strolling champagne dress
strolling champagne dress skirt

champagne strolling dress skirt

Marie Antoinette Strolling Champagne Dress
White dress Marie Antionette Champagne Hoop Dress strolling champagne dress dolls venetian gold Blue and silver strolling champagne dress
Red and Silver Strolling Champagne Dress Champagne Dolls Hollywood hoop dresses

White strolling champagne dress

Strolling champagne dress skirt chocolate

Strolling Champagne Dress

strolling champagne dress dolls gold
champagne dress strolling skirt champagne dolls gold led strolling dress skirt strolling champagne skirt dresses

We can customize the colors to match your event, incorporate logos or branding,
and are always excited to create custom designs to enhance your theme.

Dresses can also hold cupcakes - contact us for other items.

We can provide custom engraved keepsake glassware for an additional fee.


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